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The real world runs on love — of friends, family, neighbors and beyond. Mirror was built to help us show the special people in our lives just how loved, unique, and important they really are.

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An Open Letter From the Integral Life Team:

Dear friends,

Last year the team at Integral Life became so appalled by the non-stop negativity we saw online that we decided to build a new tool that, maybe in some small way, could help show a far deeper and more prevailing truth: the real world runs on love — of friends, family, neighbors and beyond.

We asked ourselves: "What if, rather than so often seeing the dark side of anonymous mobs online, we could instead show the special people in our lives just how loved, unique, and important they really are?"

And that's when we started building Mirror, a simple, fast, and free tool that enables you to spread more love to those in your life.

We've tested it for the past several months, and we've found it's a powerful way to say things you might not otherwise say, start conversations you might not otherwise start, show your loved ones feelings they might not otherwise see.

Give it a try, and let us about know your experience. At a time when many people are encountering more darkness and uncertainty than ever before, it takes only a few minutes to bring more love and light into their world.

Sincerely, The IL Evolutionary Skunkworks Team

After your create an account, we'll ask you three simple questions about your friend or a family member. Answer them – and we'll generate a mirror that you can then send to your loved one. Spread love and enjoy the reaction ✨


Robb, what does Dima mean to you?
I love Dima. I really mean that. He's kind, thoughtful, talented and has a huge heart where he wants to make a powerful impact on the world. I feel lucky to know him.

What do you think makes Dima so special?
I find it pretty amazing that he's a self-starter (who I first came to know from working with him off an internet project), and ever since then he has impressed me with his dedication to learning and self-improvement. He has always shown integrity in his business dealings with me, and as I've come to know him better I recognize that he is destined for great things—he will make a big contribution to his generation through his effort and talent.

What do you think Dima's unique contribution to the world could be?
To be direct, I think that he will create software that changes a lot of lives. I know he will because that's what he and I have been doing, and he's got the skills, commitment and heart to do it. He's going to change a lot of lives for the better.


Dima, what does Robb mean to you?
It will not be an exaggeration if I say that meeting Robb was one of the most crucial moments in my life. He introduced me to Integral theory, he tremendously helped me grow in various dimensions of life, be it professional skills, decision making or understanding my core values and goals. His trust and belief mean the world to me. I am infinitely grateful to Robb for his kind attitude to me over the course of almost 5 years.

What do you think makes Robb so special?
Robb is an honest, smart, well-educated, hard-working and open to new experiences leader. These qualities require self-discipline, dauntless courage, and a big heart. These are not just words – Robb constantly proves them by helping people around understand and deal with the complexity of the 21st century and does his best to bring his unique vision to reality.

What do you think Robb's unique contribution to the world could be?
Speaking of which – Robb is a truly Integral leader. He sees the world as a whole and understands how different systems co-exist and evolve together. He's exactly the type of leader our future (and present!) need.


Robb, what does Corey mean to you?
Corey gives me great hope in the future. He's kind, intelligent, compassionate and fiercely dedicated to the qualities that make our world better. I feel very grateful to work with him, and consider him a friend.

What do you think makes Corey so special?
Corey combines an artistic brilliance with a fascinating way of seeing and articulating the deeper cultural currents of our time, a rare ability to give vivid language to things that many of us feel but were unaware of. Plus, he's loyal, generous and dedicated; anyone is lucky to have him in their life.

What do you think Corey's unique contribution to the world could be?
I see everyday how Corey's brilliance and love pour out of him and into others' lives; he makes a huge impact already, with thousands of people forever changed because of his efforts. I expect we'll see more of that in the future, and layered increasingly by the emergence of an innovative leader who gives leverage to those who can make a difference in the world in other ways. In short, I see Corey being one of the holders of the heart and moral center of the integrative metatheory movement over the coming generation.


Corey, what does Ryan mean to you?
Ryan Oelke is a very close friend of mine, and I love him dearly. He is a man who to me exemplifies both self-improvement and self-authorship, and I consider him a personal role model in many ways. And he’s a lot of fun to play video games with, even though I kind of resent him for having a screen name that is far more clever than my own.

What do you think makes Ryan so special?
Ryan has cultivated such an impressive depth of wisdom and presence, as well as a tremendously sharp and skillful mind, and is deeply committed to use both to help people become more embodied, more awakened, and more fulfilled. He has spent his life deepening and refining and integrating his career and his practice, and a shining example of what it means to follow your life’s calling and purpose, and aligning that purposeful calling with the real time reduction of human suffering in the world.

What do you think Ryan's unique contribution to the world could be?
Ryan is a master of his craft. He engages his coaching clients with wisdom, skill, empathy, and compassion. I can't recommend his coaching programs enough, and very strongly feel that Ryan is bringing a critical but underserved and underdeveloped component to the community as a whole — a path of genuine integral embodiment that can help empower our own gifts and contributions to the world, while improving the quality of our interactions and communications with each other, both online and off.


Ryan, what does Corey mean to you?
First and foremost, Corey is a dear friend. He is one of the most lovable people I have met, and I see so many others have the same experience of him. He's one of the few people in my life that has a 'blank check' of friendship with me where he is always most welcome in any form, and I feel totally welcomed exactly as I am.

What do you think makes Corey so special?
Corey has such a natural, unique ability to make everyone around him feel deeply seen and appreciated. This is no small feat and a capacity rare in this world, and especially the atmosphere online and in the world these days. Everything about him is utterly sincere in the most refreshing way and I think me and others gravitate so easily to him with the warmth and kindness is so naturally exudes.

What do you think Corey's unique contribution to the world could be?
Here's the thing, in addition to Corey's big heart and powerful way of loving others, he's also incredibly sharp minded and deep. Recently he has come out of the shadows of Integral Life and got in front of the camera on the mic, exactly where he should be. One, he has so thoroughly earned the good will and trust of the community he leads with his deep integrity and care. And two, he lives and breathes integral, not just as a theory, but in his life. To put it simply: he is the leader the Integral Community has needed, though I'm not sure if we fully deserve him! Corey is so uniquely suited as the Editor-in-Chief of Integral Life, to bring people together through loving kindness, and to help people go beyond the theory, to show up in the world in a way that truly matters. Corey is both a champion of others to do that, but I'm also be so thrilled to see him step out as one of the types of people he so often cheers on.


Robb, what does Tiffany mean to you?
Tiffany is the most important person in my life. She is my soul mate, best friend, lover, wife and mother to my kids. She is the backbone of my life, giving me the strength and love needed to be my full self. I am a karmic billionaire, and she is the source of my wealth.

What do you think makes Tiffany so special?
Tiffany is incredible because she is an amazing balance of strength and softness, determination and flow, beauty and ferocity. And yet with all her talents and gifts, she is also one of the most humble people I know; she has a fantastic sense of humor and a very grounded, wise view of people and life.

What do you think Tiffany's unique contribution to the world could be?
Tiffany gives women the strength to be themselves. They look up to her, and see that even with all her gifts, her embodied humility and comfort with herself gives them a model of how and why they can move into their own higher selves.